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by Fr. Mike Schmitz with Colin MacIver

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Done-for-you lesson plans based on Fr. Mike's videos

Many of those working in Catholic parishes and schools have found the growing library of Fr. Mike Schmitz’s videos on Ascension Presents to be an effective resource. As classroom supplements, these videos can make topics come alive for students. They are also great resources for parish ministry; they work as small-group prompts for campus ministry sessions, for confirmation candidates and their parents, for youth group nights, and many others.

Quick Catholic Lessons with Fr. Mike has been designed to work in both parish and school settings and to engage both teens and adults.

Quick Catholic Lessons with Fr. Mike features fifteen important Catholic topics Fr. Mike addresses in his videos:

  • Why Be Catholic and Not Just Christian?
  • Motivation to Go to Mass
  • Why Confess My Sins to a Priest?
  • Learning How to Love from the Bible
  • What Is Hope and Why Do You Need It?
  • Is it OK to Judge Someone?
  • The Power of Prayer
  • Battle of Prayer
  • Three Steps to Unceasing Prayer
  • Mastering Love and Relationships
  • The Meaning of Suffering
  • Mortal vs. Venial Sin
  • Talking About Suicide
  • How to Quit Porn
  • Avoiding Impurity

Components of This Program

  • Quick Catholic Lessons with Father Mike is a spiral-bound book for leader’s to use, which presents 15 lessons that range from core questions about the Catholic Faith to practical issues on Christian discipleship. Each lesson includes objectives, opening and closing prayers with Scripture, an outline of Fr. Mike’s presentation, objective and subjective discussion questions (with in-depth leader commentary), activity ideas, and journal prompts.
  • Student Worksheets (downloadable PDFs) With this guide, comes a free, downloadable pdf Student Worksheet pack, which can be found at ascensionpress.com.

Want to See How It Works?

Download a free sample Student Worksheet.


Quick Catholic Lesson with Fr. Mike

Quick Catholic Lesson with Fr. Mike


Quick Catholic Lessons with Fr. Mike is a feature-packed teacher’s guide designed to accompany the extremely popular Ascension Presents YouTube vi...

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