Theology of the Body for Teens: High School Edition

Theology of the Body for Teens: High School Edition

High School Edition

by Jason & Crystalina Evert and Brian Butler

Theology of the Body for Teens: High School Edition is divided into 12 unique segments that reflect the pedagogical approach of Blessed John Paul II’s revolutionary teaching. The program gives teens the answers to their tough questions on God, Sex, and the meaning of life. It has been designed to fit perfectly into Catholic schools, youth ministry, CCD, and homeschooling settings. The Theology of the Body for Teens: High School Edition has been granted the Imprimatur.

This program uses a great mix of stories, real-life examples, activities, prayers, and references to the culture that teens understand. The response from teens has been overwhelming as a new vision of life, love, and their unique call to greatness is articulated in never-before seen ways. A Middle School Edition is also available.

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A New Language for a New Generation

Theology of the Body for Teens is one of the finest resources for young people in the entire Church.Mark Hart, Youth Ministry Expert
After I finished the Theology of the Body for Teens course a friend asked me what I thought.  I replied by telling him how excited it made me feel just to be a man.  I was truly inspired.Collin S. High-School Senior

Theology of the Body for Teens: High School Edition
 answers such questions as:

  • Why did God give us our sexual desires?
  • What is the difference between love and lust?
  • What does our sexuality teach us about God?
  • What if I've already "messed up"?
  • What is the "language of the body" and how do I "speak" it?
  • How can I discover my vocation?
  • How far is "too far"?
  • How can I remain pure in an oversexed culture?
  • Does waiting for sex make marriages stronger?
  • Is there any hope for overcoming lust and pornography?
  • ...and many more.

Teaching Teen Chastity—A Proven Approach

Leader Introduction

The group leader opens with prayer, activities, and preparation for the DVD presentation.

DVD Presentation

Highly engaging presentations deliver the core content of the lesson. All lessons exercise great pastoral sensitivity. Guys and girls only segments are included for two sessions.

Small Group Break Outs

Small break out groups for guys and girls allow for further discussion of the material.

Wrap Up Review

The full group comes together to discuss insights, share responses from the session’s questions, and offer practical applications of the lesson.

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